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Goodix Touch IC



GT5668, a 10-point capacitive touch solution designed for 4.5” to 6” portable devices, consists of up to 26 transmitter electrodes and 14 receiver electrodes to provide superior touch accuracy. In addition, it supports customized smart wake-up, gloved hand input and HotKnot communication, which enables the customers to differentiate their products from other competitors and greatly enriches the user experience

Capacitive sensing circuit and high-performance MPU embedded

     Report rate: 100Hz
 Outputs touch coordinates in real time
 Unified software applicable to capacitive touch sensors of multiple sizes
 Single power supply, internal 1.8V LDO
 Flash embedded; In-system reprogrammable

    Supports proximity sensing

    HotKnot communication


Capacitive touch sensor

   Channels: 26 (Tx channels) * 14 (Rx channels)
   Supports capacitive touch sensors: 4.5” to 6” (diagonal)

   Supports touch key design on FPC
   Supports ITO glass and ITO Film
   Cover Lens thickness: 0.55mm≦Glass≦2mm, 0.5mm≦PMMA≦1.2mm
   Adaptive frequency hopping
   OGS full lamination


   Transmission rate7.0Kbps (max.)

   Data frame maximum capacity128 bytes

Smart wake-up

    Embedded gestures: double-tap, o, w, m, e, c/<, v, >, s, ↑, ↓, ←, →, ^ and z on touch
    screen; tap and double tap on touch key

    Supports up to 10 customized multi-stroke gestures
    Recognition rate: 95%

High Sensitivity

  Maximum thickness of the cashmere C-grade glove supported: 1.35 mm

Environmental adaptability

  Self-calibration during initialization
  Automatic drift compensation
  Operating temperature: -20to +85; humidity: 95%RH

Communication interface

  Standard I2C interface
  Works in slave mode
  Supports 1.8V to 3.3V host interface voltage

Power supply voltage:
  Single supply (Typ.) : 2.8V/3.0V/3.3V

Package: 52 pins, 6mm*6mm*0.55mm, QFN, 0.4mm Pitch